Start Menu 10

Start Menu 10 is a user interface that was developed while accounting for cognitive memory and visual perception. The right solution for replacing the menu in Windows. Based on a decade of experience in developing alternative menus.
I would like to...
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assholes!! don't include a version number!!!

stupid microshit impersonaters..
jack, 15.08.2015, 19:18
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Possibility to disable ugly borders to looks more like original start menu

Like in title.
majkool, 16.08.2015, 12:07
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Just got new maxed-out Dell laptop with Win 7 LOL!

16 GB RAM, 1TB drive, newest i7 processor, 17.3 FHD screen - no touchscreen. Had choice of Win 7 and Win 10 - as a software consultant, I have to have a Win 8(.1 Pro) and Win 10 box for testing. All real dev machines running either Win 7 Pro,...
Beartooth Bronsky, 03.11.2015, 16:25
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I paid for Pro version and it doesn't work

I paid for the pro version and the Pro feature 'Mains in Folder' doesn't work. It have used that feature before in Vista Start menu, so I know how it works, but in Start Menu 10 it doesn't work (on my system). I have sent a request for support...
Paul Witschey, 16.10.2015, 16:40
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Windows10 explorer.exe hangs at startup

Windows10 explorer.exe hangs at startup when Start Menu 10 is active. I did a lot of restarts enabling the startup programs one by one and there is a problem with Start menu 10 : explorer.exe hangs then closes. I have to click a few times with...
J.F. Paquet, 16.10.2015, 04:37
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Keep getting an error when installing

I'm trying to install Start Menu 10 Pro from Giveaway of the Day and I keep getting an error saying that the files are corrupt. I've cleaned my cookies and cache and turned off my anti-virus and firewall and am still getting this error.
Rob, 15.08.2015, 00:12
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Please can we have more skins

Mike K, 27.08.2015, 17:56
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Have an option to scroll directory up and down

Have an option to scroll directory up and down. As it stands the directory tree page views to fill the screen and then left to right. Is there or can there be an option to have it scroll up and down to minimize the desktop coverage. I have...
Thay, 02.09.2015, 21:50